nail polish vs. nail stickers

nail stickers

(plastic vinyl,etc)

Made of 100% real nail polish?

Beware of products that falsely claim to be nail polish!

Long Lasting?

An Incoco manicure lasts up to 14 days.


Some brands only last for hours. Hot water can cause stickers to peel off.

Fast and easy tool-free application?

Incoco nail appliqués can be stretched for a perfect fit, and excess easily trimmed with a nail or file.


Difficult to smooth out wrinkles. May need scissors to trim. Some brands require a heat source to activate industrial adhesive

Perfect salon-quality results?

All-in-one nail polish appliqués include base, top and color coats for a perfect manicure.


Plastic-like look & feel with wrinkles bumps and lifting edges

Remove with Nail Polish Remover?

Peel off stickers to remove - this process may damage nail surface.

Made in USA?

All aspects of our business from R&D to fullfillment, take place in New Jersey, USA.

Cosmetic Product?

Ingredients adhere to FDA & EU regulations.


Plastic products.