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Bring fashion to your fingertips in just minutes! .

Get beautiful and flawless nail art without the time or expense of the salon with easy to apply, real nail polish appliqués. No drying time. Quick removal with polish remover.


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  1. Oh So Pretty Oh So Pretty

    Oh So Pretty

    A flirty lace design on a blush pink Learn More
  2. Sweet Sangria Sweet Sangria

    Sweet Sangria

    This raspberry geometric, tone on tone design features a square pattern towards the bottom half of the nail. Learn More
  3. Paradox Paradox


    With its gradient purple and silver shimmer and contrasting polka dots, this shade is sure to shine. Learn More
  4. Lovestruck Lovestruck


    It’s hard not to fall for this vibrant purple and pink gradient, the perfect combination of romance and glitz! Learn More
  5. Ballerina Princess Ballerina Princess

    Ballerina Princess

    This delicate silver etching pattern winds across an ombré of pink and lavender like a ballet shoe ribbon! Learn More
  6. Venetian Lace Venetian Lace

    Venetian Lace

    A plush purple wrapped in ravishing black netting, this design will make your nails look drop dead gorgeous! Learn More
  7. Houndstooth Twist Houndstooth Twist

    Houndstooth Twist

    A glistening silver & purple pattern that features different sized houndstooth checks for a fun, fall twist! Learn More
  8. Purrty Purrty


    With this sparkly pink leopard print on your nails, you'll be ready to rock n' roll! Learn More
  9. Double Date Double Date

    Double Date

    Opposites attract! Silver and pink hearts make the perfect pair in this glittery, playful dual pattern. Learn More
  10. Sweet Surprise Sweet Surprise

    Sweet Surprise

    Match your nails to your dessert with this pale pink sprinkled with multi-color glitters! Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 48 total

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